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  • Do you have day rates available or only weekend packages?
    Although most of our couples choose the weekend or 1 night packages because of the convenience of decorating early and accessing the property early, we do offer day rates as well.
  • How many guests can your lodging accommodate?
    Our Magnolia House can sleep 18. We have 7-bedrooms with queen size beds, and 1 bedroom for 2 sets of bunk beds. We also have our Farm House that can sleep 6+ that can be added as an addition.
  • What is your vendor policy?
    We have a list of preferred vendors we would love to share with you. However, you are welcome to bring vendors of your choice! The only vendors we require you to use are our security vendor. Catering & bar service will be required to provide their business license and insurance information.
  • How many guests can you accommodate?
    We can accommodate up to 650+.
  • Do you allow smoking?
    Smoking and vaping is allowed ONLY in our designated smoking areas. Clean up fee applies for cigarette butts not disposed of in the receptacles.
  • What is your alcohol policy?
    Bonita Canyon requires a bar service company to serve at your event. The bar services on our vendor list make it easy to find the perfect fit. Whether you want to provide the beer/wine, have a cash/open bar, our vendors will make it work for you! Our venue in Robertson County is beer/ wine only during the reception. Bar service businesses will have to provide their business license information and evidence of liability insurance.
  • Is security required?
    Yes, we require you to use our professional and reputable security vendor. You will work directly with them for scheduling and payment.Yes, we require you to use our professional and reputable security vendor. You will work directly with them for scheduling and payment.
  • Do you require wedding insurance?
    Yes, we do require an insurance policy to be secured before your event. We have a list of options to help you with this.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning?
    Bonita Canyon personnel will help during your event to take trash out and stock/clean restrooms. Food from catering and the cake(s) will be the responsibility of your caterer and/or YOU depending on your agreement with catering. You are responsible for removing any/all decor and personal items and cleaning up of any exit items, such as sparklers, etc by the day/time on the contract If you host your rehearsal dinner at Bonita Canyon, you are responsible for cleaning up that evening.
  • Can I take photos on your property?
    We would love for you to take your bridal portraits at our venue.
  • Do you require a professional coordinator?
    We do require that you provide a point of contact person for your wedding day. This may be a professional coordinator (highly recommended) or trusted family member or friend. This should NOT be someone in the wedding party. This will ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and is all you've dreamed of. This individual will assist with checking in with vendors as they arrive, answering questions that may arise, and help the ceremony and reception run smoothly. We will require the name and contact information of this person on your vendor list you will submit to us.
  • What time does the reception have to end?
    All guests must depart by 11pm. The bar will close 30 minutes before reception ends. For day only events, all items by clients and vendors must be removed by 12 midnight.
  • What is required to secure my wedding day?
    We require $500 to save your date. Your first payment will be due within 30 days. Then we will work with you to set up a payment schedule, with final payment due 60 days prior to your wedding date. (usually 4 payments)
  • Can my dog be in the wedding? YES!
    Yes, dogs are allowed for your ceremony!
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